Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Key Learning so far.

  • We need one presence in sharepoint. All modules under our influence should have pages used predominantly as file stores linking from it.
  • Maximise our footfall by advertising learing opportunities to the students via bulk e-mail.
  • By the time the students are in their third year, it is too late, they have preferred ways of working - we need to get in in the 1st year, like the BEng group this am.
  • Wouldn't it be great if our 'home' could become a nationally known centre of online excellence, visited by students across the world?
  • Can we define sucess by posting? How valuable is lurking? Myers Briggs -Introvert and Extrovert. Do students always want lecturers 'looking over their shoulders?
  • Use RSS to increase footfall on the site. can we creat RSS of discussions on sites across the faculty?
  • Page look size and feel is vital and should be consistent. Removes a block to learning and access.
  • We should use Sharepoint as a team to keep all policies, documentation, development planning in one place.

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