Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Mindshift for the students

When faced with the possiblity of working outside of 9-3-30 - technophobic responses
Podcasting - when will we have the time to create them?
'I think it could be another step back in social communication within our society, could it possibly decrease children's converstaional skills if unable to discuss face to face regularly with their teacher.'
When faced with learning using a podcast:
'i found this much more comfortable and easy to access than in a lecture because i knew i was ready to listen and focus as i had chosen when to listen to it rather than a dictated time.'
'Guaranteed attention. Independent learning! Own pace. Repeat when needed. i function better later in the evenings and this allowed me to learn at my optimum time.'
Battling technophobia:
I thought that the podcast was a very good idea though i'm not sure i'd feel secure doing this myself. Something i should overcome i feel as it could benefit my class.

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