Thursday, 3 April 2008

Experiences on BEd programme

  • The requirement for students to contribute each week and support each other does work.

  • Whole cohort discussions became more dynamic when daily e-mail bulletins were employed.

  • Take away the stick and the level of participation decreases. Or did I ask them to work with too difficult an interface...or was it the sharing itself?
  • Sharepoint only really works with Internet Explorer - so firefox/safari users are doomed.
  • This can only be achieved with explicit time allocated - change the way we teach?

Things to explore next time around -
  • Can we incorporate text messages of key discussions to students' phones?
  • Aim to have hot seats lasting one week - showcase them in the lectures more overtly.
  • Produce a 5 minute vodcast of the key messages of the lecture.
  • Explicitly teach students how to use online tools to learn.
As an organisation:
  • Use hubs more effectively especially the programme page.
  • Ensure all communities have the same key elements in the same places.
  • Examine the notion of 'e-facilitation' specialists within subject teams.

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