Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A blended approach to learning - References

Key influences:

Brosnan (1998), Technophobia - - Irrational response acknowledged by the technophobe.

Gladwell,M (2000) Tipping Point - Connectors and Mavens - We need both in the online learning environment.

NCSL (2007), 10000 heads are better than one, - Users need to understand the philosophy, value and purpose of participating in an online community

Surowiecki (2005),The wisdom of the crowds - - judgement of the experts vs judgement of the group.

Tapscott & Williams (2007), Wikinomics - - sharing is more powerful.

University of Plymouth (2007), FDTA away day, - Fight or flight response

Wallace (2001), Psychology of the the Internet - - Online Relationships need online equivalent of 'Next doorness'.

Diffusion of Innovation - Rogers (1962) - laggards?

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