Thursday, 21 February 2008

History of radio

The Goon Show

1951 - A pilot episode was made in early February and the first series started on the BBC in May. The first series was titled "Crazy People" as the BBC did not like the name "The Goon Show". (, no date)

Spoken Word on Radio

  • A Brief Timeline
    • 1927 Radio Licence Fee & BBC

    • 1933 Radio Luxembourg

    1964 Radio Caroline (, no date)

    2004 - First mention of Podcasting in The Independent

    'A new kind of radio format is blazing a trail across the internet. Called "podcasting" (because it's a bit like broadcasting and it's aimed at machines like the iPod), it uses open source software, MP3 players and the rambling efforts of audio webloggers ("audiobloggers") to redefine the role of radio in the mobile digital world, and offers hope to the millions who pray for the demise of inane DJs and obnoxious radio advertisements.' (Goldberg, 2004)

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