Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sound files and Podcasting in the Curriculum

Options for using sound files or podcasting in the curriculum

  • Edu Radio - brings in PHSE, Citizenship.
  • MFL lessons - enlist foreign language speakers to record sentences etc - vodcasts of common scenarios.talking books
  • History - oral histories, re-enactments of historical events.
  • Geography - guided pod-tours of localities, talking postcards
  • Art - record pod-tours of displays of art in school, talking postcards, chatter box
  • SEN - talktime pens

Unit 6C: A sense of place - needs two weeks all day every day. Literacy, Geography, Art, ICT

Digital photography, sound recording for stimulus and installation, poetry writing,


to use a variety of methods and approaches to communicate observations, ideas and feelings in an installation (, no date)


1c) collect visual and other information [for example, images, materials] to help them develop their ideas, including using a sketchbook.
2c) use a variety of methods and approaches to communicate observations, ideas and feelings, and to design and make images and artefacts.
5c) using a range of materials and processes, including ICT [for example, painting, collage, print making, digital media, textiles, sculpture] DfEE (1999a p 121)

NC Art Level descriptors

Level 4:
They use their knowledge and understanding of materials and processes to communicate ideas and meanings, and make images and artefacts, combining and organising visual and tactile qualities to suit their intentions.

Level 5: They manipulate materials and processes to communicate ideas and meanings and make images and artefacts, matching visual and tactile qualities to their intentions. (DfEE (1999b p33)

NC ICT Level Descriptors
Level 4: Use ICT to present information in different forms and show they are aware of the intended audience and the need for quality.
Level 5: They assess the use of ICT in their work and are able to reflect critically in order to make improvements in subsequent work. DfEE (1999b p 27)

Introductory Lesson Resources:
? Virtual Tour
? Use element of Google Earth
? Webcams
? Examples of work already created
? Geocaching - Earth caches
? Film an environment...

Friday, 22 February 2008

Software Available

Audacity sound recorder -

Audacity MP3 converter -

Podcasting with advertisements -

Podium -

Acoustica Audio Mixer - Radio play maker

Acoustica Mix Craft - Radio plays + music making in one -

Blabberize - a bit of fun sound and pictures

How to guides:

Doug Dickinson - Podcasting Guru

Here is Doug talking about how Podcasting can impact on Children's learning. He is using Podium, the tool he helped design, you could use any of the tools explained in the lecture to achieve the same impact.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


De Kerckhove, D. (1997) The Skin of Culture. London, Kogan Page

DfEE (1999a) The National Curriculum, London, DfEE

DfEE (1999b) The National Curriculum Attainment Targets, DfEE

Goldberg,A. (2004) The People's Radio The Indpendent 8 December [Online]. Available at: (Accessed 21 February 2008) (no date) (Accessed 23rd February 2008) (no date) (Accessed 22nd February 2008) (no date) (Accessed 21st February 2008) (no date) (Accessed 25th February 2008)

Richardson,W.(2006) Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts. California, Corwin Press.

History of radio

The Goon Show

1951 - A pilot episode was made in early February and the first series started on the BBC in May. The first series was titled "Crazy People" as the BBC did not like the name "The Goon Show". (, no date)

Spoken Word on Radio

  • A Brief Timeline
    • 1927 Radio Licence Fee & BBC

    • 1933 Radio Luxembourg

    1964 Radio Caroline (, no date)

    2004 - First mention of Podcasting in The Independent

    'A new kind of radio format is blazing a trail across the internet. Called "podcasting" (because it's a bit like broadcasting and it's aimed at machines like the iPod), it uses open source software, MP3 players and the rambling efforts of audio webloggers ("audiobloggers") to redefine the role of radio in the mobile digital world, and offers hope to the millions who pray for the demise of inane DJs and obnoxious radio advertisements.' (Goldberg, 2004)


    What is it?

    'Creation and distribution of amateur radio, plain and simple.' Richardson (2006)

    Listen to some - how? where? Sandaig Primary - BBC - itunes -

    Audio blogging, Vodcasting, video blogging. Screencasting

    'Thats what the read write web is all about: being able to share what you create with others' Richardson (2006)

    Sharing doesnt have to be broadcasting to the whole web via itunes.

    RSS - understand it or pay for something to do it for you........

    For our purposes:

    Creating, manipulating & publishing sound.

    The publishing may not be in the conventional podcasting sense.

    Wednesday, 20 February 2008

    First Time for Everything

    Well here comes my first post - I thought I would begin with Pete the Pensioner - a youtube icon - he has posted over 100 films documenting his thoughts and views on life and the universe - check him out at